OMS Ecosystem

The OMS mission is to completely reinvent the world’s financial system, merging the scale and familiarity of the traditional economy with the security, efficiency and transparency inherent in the public blockchain. OMS technology can enable the user to own the whole experience in that they are their own bank, using their own assets as collateral.

To enable this, the OMS team have designed the OMS ecosystem. A suite of Ethereum based products that enable users to generate high returns in various ways and allow for the virtualisation of real-world assets into crypto derivatives.

OMS Asset Index (AI)

The OMS Asset Index enables the decentralised trading of derivatives. Designed to be indexed to existing markets / indices, OMS AI allows for price speculation, risk management and other trading strategies against a range of assets.

OMS AI generates fees through the use of innovative spread management techniques, with fees returned to OMSX token Liquidity Providers.  


The core of the OMS yield generation function is the Reserve. The Reserve is a store of value based on an initial locked supply of USDC, OMS and OMSX. Initially seeded with capital supplied by the OMS team, the Reserve provides perpetual rewards for OMS ecosystem holders and liquidity to the OMS AI.

A key differentiator is the capability to generate additional yield for holders immediately. This yield is in addition to inflation through the token demand and elastic supply adjustments of OMS or the automatic fee distribution of OMSX.

  • When OMS token supply increases the Reserve balance will increase. This increased supply will be traded back to USDC thus moderating the token price. The USDC returned is deposited for yield generation purposes.
  • When OMSX transaction fees are received into the Reserve the balance increases. This increased supply will be traded back to receive USDC. The USDC is deposited for yield generation purposes. The USDC interest yield generated through OMSX transaction fees will be used to buy back OMSX at intervals to provide price support.
  • Yield generated through the Reserve will be fully distributed to Liquidity Providers that have staked tokens through the OMS platform.

In summary, the OMS Reserve system provides for ongoing value generation whilst providing a mechanism for price stability. 

OMS Tokenomics

OMS – An Ethereum based elastic supply token designed to rebase (inflate/deflate) supply through automated distribution proportional to percentage of supply held. Designed to be balanced against the USD, the issuance is always correlated to the USD denominated price at a given point in time.  OMS provides the base token for the ecosystem and will provide utility through being traded as a pair to assets in the OMS AI. 

OMSX – An Ethereum based token designed to reward holders through multiple forms of yield including a percentage of all transaction fees in the token. In addition, OMSX token holders will receive up to 80% of all fees generated through the OMS AI.


Future Platform Development

White Paper

Version 1.0 Published on 5th May 2021

This White Paper is for project description and informational, illustration, and discussion purposes only and does in no way provide an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy neither the planned OMS Token nor any security or other financial instrument. Furthermore, this White Paper does not constitute an investment recommendation to acquire OMS Token or for the disinvestment of other securities, financial instruments, or other assets.

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