Open Monetary System (OMS) is a decentralised finance ecosystem designed to leverage elastic supply mechanisms to allow for exposure to derivatives of real-world assets. OMS is a truly global open monetary system.

The OMS ecosystem is supported with the asset-backed OMS Reserve to build perpetual value for OMS ecosystem token holders.

The OMS difference

The following differentiates OMS in comparison to many general DeFi offerings available today.


OMS has achieved coding security authentication through Certik ensuring all investments are safeguarded


OMS enables users to earn through token supply AND high yield generated through the Reserve (a value reserve pool)


OMS liquidity is locked ensuring piece of mind that the ecosystem is built for the long term

Staking Returns

OMS generates staking returns through multiple forms of yield

Access to Real World Markets

OMS leverages the benefits of Elastic Supply and multi-currency pegged price stability to enable decentralised access to a broad range of real-world markets

Professional Team

OMS is backed by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the technology and software development space

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